Hey, you’ve stumbled across the website of Phil Wylie, a web developer based in Stafford, UK. With a Computing Science: Web Development degree from Staffordshire University, I now work for Kanuka Digital creating content-managed sites built primarily in WordPress.

Phil Wylie
Eat the rainbow.

I was born in Shrewsbury, and now live in Stafford with my wife Natasha, our son Thomas and cat Mittens.

I enjoy making things for WordPress. In 2014 I co-founded Staffs Web Meetup alongside Natasha and my friend Dave Redfern. We organise a monthly gathering of people in the web industry from all around Staffordshire.

I’m not much of a blogger. My blog started as a collection of ramblings that I wrote while in college—in 2006, when blogging was still new and exciting—and it covered my activities and a range of topics that I found interesting.

Since then, I’ve mostly used this blog as a way to record and share the posts that I write for my employer’s site. Occasionally I’ll post more developer-centric discussions and code snippets here that aren’t a good fit for my employer’s blog.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and X. Or just get in touch—I’d love to hear from you!