Flickr’s been around for a while, it’s a popular web2.0 application, used to share photos. I’ve never had the will to sign up, perhaps because I’ve never needed photo sharing capabilities before!

This move to embrace some of the popular web2.0 services was brought on while messing about customising this WordPress blog, I enabled some of the sidebar widgets, including the Flickr and plug-ins.

I decided “what’s the worst that could happen?” – I’ll go and signup. So impressed by the number of options and the sheer AJAXy power of Flickr, I decided to become a Pro member! However was a little more disappointing, I can see the general idea behind social bookmarking, but it simply doesn’t appeal to me. Nevertheless I will continue my attempt to become more web2.0!

I’m writing this post from Flickr, and in case you’re wondering who that guy is, its Mr Tom Vickers!