The setup of equipment was pretty painless, the most frustration was caused by the lack of an internet connection! After some investigation, we rang the Tiscalli technical support line, who kindly informed us, the service in our area was currently down for maintenance. Since finishing, connectivity has been restored! 😐

Without the internet, our code-a-thon “live” webcam was redundant, however the software still captured images every 30 seconds onto hard disk, which means, thanks to the wonder that is technology, you can watch our entire 24 hours in only 1 minutes, 30 seconds! Enjoy:

During the time, we also played a fair bit of Nexuiz, an open source FPS and Doom 2 over the LAN! As for real work, without the internet, we couldn’t access our test servers, but still we made a decent start on Delta CMS’s overall design/layout.

I have uploaded some photos to Flickr, check out the cable management!