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Nope, I’m definitely not dead yet!

Wow, almost half a year’s passed since my last post. You may have noticed my blog’s theme has changed, very observant! I’m using’s “Custom CSS” tool to rip apart the Benevolence theme so that it looks and feels identical to my new website. When will the rest of my new site be ready? Come […]

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Sport Relief 2008

Two years ago Nick and I ran Sport Relief in Birmingham, raising just over £80 in the process. The event has come around again, and I will be running another sponsored mile, however this time I’ll be in Plymouth and running with Tasha. We need your support! Together we aim to raise more sponsorship than […]

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Charity fundraising 2006

A letter of thanks from the Jubilee Sailing Trust arrived this morning, it reminded me, I never posted how much money had been raised for both Talk Like A Pirate Day and the Sports Relief run I ran with Nick last year. Much thanks to those who bought the JST’s charity eye patches, I’d also […]

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2006

Ahoy! As you may be aware its International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I ordered a couple hundred eye patches to distribute for charity: There are eye patches in aid of the Jubilee Sailing Trust available around Shrewsbury: The Jolly Roger Card Craft shop at the top of the high street Currys on the Meole […]

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