Spotify recently removed the invite requirement for its free service in the UK:

“starting today people in the UK will no longer need an invitation to join Spotify, you can register for our free service directly from our website as always our premium, ad-free service is still available”

Having used Spotify for a few weeks now, I’m convinced this is the future of music! The player lets you search through an ever expanding selection of music, which can then be streamed instantly. It’s like having iTunes preloaded with the world’s music.

It’s probably better explained by them:

The free version is supported by occasional adverts between tracks and every so often you’ll see a banner ad within the player. At its current level it’s not enough to push me to subscribe and it’s certainly not as bad as commercial radio stations that devote more airtime to ads than music.

Its available from

Now if only could generate Spotify playlists from its recommended music…