Wow! Long time since my last post. So what’s going down you ask? Well I’m working hard at university, taking more web based modules this semester, so it should be a little more fun.

free for jobI’m looking for a 12 month placement for sometime between June 2009 and September 2010, so if you’re looking for a keen web developer – get in touch and I’ll send you a copy of my CV.

In other news…

You may have noticed my Flickr stream has been dead for a while, that was my fault – I smashed up my camera whilst out and about. I have now replaced it with the model up, the Canon Ixus 70 – nothing extra special but still an excellent compact camera.

Until next time, stay safe and remember to subscribe to my feed!

Update – 09/12/2013
You’re looking at an ancient post! I ended up spending a year working with the web team at Experian QAS. I wrote up the experience for anyone interested.