The question I’m being asked is, why did I choose

I’m into website design, why not host my own blog software? I thought I’d save the hassle of maintaining another system, by using a hosted service I loose all control over the applications customization which therefore, will prevent me from making “just another little change here and there”…

I’ve seen my friends blog become a maintenance burden, although he doesn’t admit it! I’ve been helping Nick convert his custom blog software to a “more accessible” CSS layout. Oh how Nick loves his accessibility! 😛 wasn’t my first choice, years ago I created an account with Internet World so I could post an article I wrote at the time. Since then I’ve forgotten my accounts password! So I requested a reset but the system never actually sends out an email, as a last resort, I emailed the webmaster, still no response. I gave up.

WordPress offers me an advert free system, with a clean CSS based interface, that was me sold!