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Is it right to seek out GPL code for free?

Andrew Fielden presented a talk at August’s WordPress Birmingham meetup in which he discussed GPL in the context of WordPress and the WordPress ecosystem of premium themes and plugins. It was a thought provoking talk and it reminded me of a discussion I’d had that very week. I’ve summed up my thoughts here as I’m not sure […]

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How to protect your WordPress site

I recently contributed towards an article on WordPress security and thought I’d write up my advice in full over on my blog. This is particularly relevant in light of recent vulnerabilities in WordPress and a number of high-profile third party plugins. The most important steps you can take to secure your WordPress site are not necessarily specific to […]

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A skewed perception of value

WordPress makes it easy to put a website together but it doesn’t necessarily make web development easy. For many, WordPress works out-of-the-box and with the vast ecosystem of both free and low-cost plugins, beginners can patch together a reasonable website packing serious functionality within a short space of time, with minimal upfront cost. The mission […]

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The amount of code is far far less, hence its name!

This is a post written for the iWeb blog battling the misconception that Less is “just another thing invented to make something that was once simple more complex… technical developers like to attempt to solve problems that don’t really exist”. The post looks at why CSS preprocessors are useful and includes a quick write-up of […]

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WP Contributor Day, Manchester

I spent my Saturday at the first WP Contributor Day. Sold as “An one day event where anyone & everyone contributes to WordPress”. The event, held at TechHub, Manchester was setup and organised by Jenny Wong following a discussion at WordCamp London 2013. Often, knowing where to start is a challenge. And WordPress is no […]

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