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How to redirect a domain using DNS only

I wanted to share a service I found recently,, a personal project by Udlei Nati that allows you to easily redirect your domain name just by changing its DNS settings—simple to implement and requiring no maintenance. The service can be used for several different applications: Redirect from the bare domain (aka apex, root or […]

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How To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

LinkedIn, Ashley Madison, Yahoo! and Mossack Fonseca… what do these companies all have in common? Large-scale data breaches have received much coverage in the media recently, prompting a renewed interest in online privacy and security. Today, we’re going to look at WordPress website security and how we can help prevent ourselves from falling victim to […]

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Show the WordPress editor toolbar by default

Previously known as the Kitchen Sink, but now simply as the toolbar. The toolbar contains a number of additional editor formatting controls. Unfortunately, this extra row of controls is hidden by default for new users. We’ve written the following solution which sets the preference for new users, so that the toolbar is visible by default. […]

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Is it right to seek out GPL code for free?

Andrew Fielden presented a talk at August’s WordPress Birmingham meetup in which he discussed GPL in the context of WordPress and the WordPress ecosystem of premium themes and plugins. It was a thought provoking talk and it reminded me of a discussion I’d had that very week. I’ve summed up my thoughts here as I’m not sure […]

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Estimation is difficult

To know how long something will take to do before doing it, is notoriously hard. Yet, as web developers, we’re often asked to give time estimates. In my experience, estimates become quotes which then become deadlines. Therefore, estimation is stressful. Estimation is difficult. With a small job, it’s pretty easy to guesstimate. You know you […]

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