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Enable WordPress maintenance mode

WordPress maintenance mode is a feature built into WordPress, enabled automatically when installing core/plugin updates. When maintenance mode is active, WordPress returns a 503 HTTP response and displays a “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute” message. Maintenance mode can be useful for developers too. Allowing you to hide your site from […]

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Improving WordPress search with Algolia

Helping customers to find things quickly reduces frustration and can lead to higher sales. The search functionality provided out-of-the-box by WordPress is at best considered basic. With customer expectations set by the likes of Google and Amazon, how can we improve the often overlooked on-site search experience? Improving WordPress search with Algolia

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BEM: creating maintainable front end code

The naming of things is notoriously difficult in the world of programming. BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) is a naming convention used by developers to name HTML and CSS classes. The idea behind it is to create a naming convention that makes it easy to identify the different parts of a block and the elements within. […]

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How to redirect a domain using DNS only

I wanted to share a service I found recently,, a personal project by Udlei Nati that allows you to easily redirect your domain name just by changing its DNS settings—simple to implement and requiring no maintenance. The service can be used for several different applications: Redirect from the bare domain (aka apex, root or […]

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