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How to display Google reviews on your WordPress website

Without customer feedback and ratings, how can you know if a business is any good? Showing potential customers what other people think about your company goes a long way toward making them feel more confident about choosing your business. The Google Places API allows you to do just that by pulling in reviews from Google […]

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Enable WordPress maintenance mode

WordPress maintenance mode is a feature built into WordPress, enabled automatically when installing core/plugin updates. When maintenance mode is active, WordPress returns a 503 HTTP response and displays a “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute” message. Maintenance mode can be useful for developers too. Allowing you to hide your site from […]

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Improving WordPress search with Algolia

Helping customers to find things quickly reduces frustration and can lead to higher sales. The search functionality provided out-of-the-box by WordPress is at best considered basic. With customer expectations set by the likes of Google and Amazon, how can we improve the often overlooked on-site search experience? Improving WordPress search with Algolia

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BEM: creating maintainable front end code

The naming of things is notoriously difficult in the world of programming. BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) is a naming convention used by developers to name HTML and CSS classes. The idea behind it is to create a naming convention that makes it easy to identify the different parts of a block and the elements within. […]

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