Wow, almost half a year’s passed since my last post.

You may have noticed my blog’s theme has changed, very observant! I’m using’s “Custom CSS” tool to rip apart the Benevolence theme so that it looks and feels identical to my new website. When will the rest of my new site be ready? Come on, not even I know that 🙂

Sport Relief

Me and Tasha - Sport Relief 2008 @ Plymouth

We ran the Sport Relief mile in Plymouth, raising £80 in total. Big thanks to everyone who sponsored us. We didn’t raise our £100 target but every little helps and all that… We had great fun, that’s what’s important.

Why in Plymouth? We were caravan holidaying in Devon and it was the nearest “flagship” run.


I’ve finished the first year of university; I’ve got the results too. I’ve passed everything, just scraped the maths module mind you. But it’s still a pass!

Got to say, the second semester was a little dull, for a web development course, it seriously lacked in web modules. Not to worry though, next year I’m making up for it with a number of web programming modules.

I’ve moved in with my girlfriend, we have a nice flat in Stafford, excellent location… there’s a 24 hour ASDA just a quick walk away and Staffordshire University’s only a short walk in the opposite direction!

Belated birthday celebrations to me!

Pimp my steak and kidney pieIt was my 19th birthday in May, Tasha and I travelled to Shrewsbury to spend a few days with the family; we all went out to The Riverside Inn for a meal, nice place… the steak and kidney pie even came with my name written in pastry. Awesome 😉 I’m sure you’ll agree.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m going to make an effort to keep it a little more up to date, so please subscribe to my feed if you’re interested in my dull ramblings!