Got to say, these cards are definitely the best free stuff I’ve ever ordered from the webernets. They arrived this morning after a short wait. Basically Moo takes your Flickr photos and turns them into tiny cards. The personalisation process lets you choose which photos to print, but more importantly, which area of the photo should be printed, as the cards are fairly slim, you have to choose what parts to chop off!

The back of the cards can be used to add text, I decided to make them into mini business cards. With the free cards, you couldn’t remove the flickr logo, but the premium service allows you to do this. Flickr card

Moo’s promotion – ten free cards for the first 10,000 Flickr pro users. A great way to market their service, by only offering the prints to pro users, they’ve instantly saved buckets of advertising money, and instead invested in giveaway cards, which are well targeted to an audience guaranteed to have the ability to purchase online.

The cards themselves are printed on think, high quality, satin finish paper, definitely worth investing in the 100 pack, except I can’t! They’ve limited themselves by choosing not to accept a more mainstream payment gateway, such as PayPal or NoChex. Moo currently only accepts Visa and MasterCard 😐

Still, it’s well worth a look.