Phil Wylie

WordPress developer, Code Club volunteer & Staffs Web Meetup organiser


WordPress 2FA using the Two-Factor plugin

Over the years, the need for increased security has become more apparent. The internet has become a place where personal information is shared and stored. This makes it vulnerable to hackers and other malicious users who want to gain access to your data. We’ll look at what 2FA is, how it can be implemented in […]

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How To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

LinkedIn, Ashley Madison, Yahoo! and Mossack Fonseca… what do these companies all have in common? Large-scale data breaches have received much coverage in the media recently, prompting a renewed interest in online privacy and security. Today, we’re going to look at WordPress website security and how we can help prevent ourselves from falling victim to […]

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How to protect your WordPress site

I recently contributed towards an article on WordPress security and thought I’d write up my advice in full over on my blog. This is particularly relevant in light of recent vulnerabilities in WordPress and a number of high-profile third party plugins. The most important steps you can take to secure your WordPress site are not necessarily specific to […]

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