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Happy belated birthday to me!

It was my 18th on Saturday, unfortunately I still had to go to work. I went for an evening meal with my family to celebrate and on Sunday I celebrated with my mates, we went to The Buttermarket for a responsible drink and party! I feel sorry for anyone who witnessed our dancing. What amazing […]

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Webcomic recommended to me by Nick, this one caught my attention!

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Flickr Geotagging

What a great idea, sort your photos by their location! Perhaps Yahoo! maps offers greater detail in its native America, I can say that the UK coverage is poor, bordering on unusable! For instance, I thought I’d tag one of my holiday photos taken in Otford, the street map contains the motorway but very little […]

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Two weeks holiday

I’m in the middle of a two week break, during which time I’m having to cope with a lack of technology! However, armed with my trusty PDA and a WiFi connection I’m able to bring you this update. 🙂 The first three nights were spent at a Travelodge in Berwick upon Tweed, the past two […]

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My first blog post

So I’ve finally got round to starting a blog, why? I thought it was time to unleash my creative (or mostly, not so creative) mind for the world to see. What do I plan to blog? I’m not sure, it depends how I feel, whether I want to post or not!

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