Phil Wylie

WordPress developer, Code Club volunteer & Staffs Web Meetup organiser

April 2015

How to protect your WordPress site

I recently contributed towards an article on WordPress security and thought I’d write up my advice in full over on my blog. This is particularly relevant in light of recent vulnerabilities in WordPress and a number of high-profile third party plugins. The most important steps you can take to secure your WordPress site are not necessarily specific to […]

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How to avoid Google’s slow label – benchmarking

This is a post written for the iWeb blog taking a look at a number of website benchmarking tools and services. Useful for pinpointing performance issues which can be improved upon. For a long time Google have advised the web community that site speed is taken into account as a ranking factor. The move to displaying a […]

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Can you point me in the right direction?

I provide web development and associated services to a small number of clients I’ve picked up over the years. This post is based on my humble experience freelancing and is aimed at those who, like me, are providing a service on a small scale. Every so often I receive a question from a past client. […]

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