Phil Wylie

WordPress developer, Code Club volunteer & Staffs Web Meetup organiser

February 2014

Launching a WordPress plugin

Plugin Lettering, written with Chalk on Blackboard

This is a post written for the iWeb blog after launching iWeb’s first public WordPress plugin. The snappily named Background Update Notification Email Address plugin is not only iWeb’s first public plugin, but also my first plugin published on the WordPress plugin repository. In the blog post I discuss the problem solved and the process […]

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Making friends with your customers

Chalk drawing - Social media concept

This is a post written for the iWeb blog. I’m told if you can get past the spammy first paragraph (which, believe it or not, I wrote voluntarily) there’s some good stuff in there… The post aims to give the reader a brief overview of corporate social media marketing with an example of both good and […]

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Moving WordPress with a safe search and replace tool

This is a post I wrote for the iWeb blog looking at interconnect/it’s safe search and replace tool. A handy script used while moving WordPress from one location to another. The script performs a find and replace on the database without breaking the integrity of serialised data. WordPress generates and stores absolute URLs in it’s […]

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